Asphalt Policies in Scarborough

The Planning and Growth Committee in the City of Toronto met January 8, 2015.  On the agenda was the Driveway Widening Policies for large lots in Scarborough.

Toronto Ward 43 Councillor Paul Ainslie brought the matter forward after hearing complaints from the constituents in his ward.  Northland Paving clients Wayne and Danielle Earle had reached out to him out of frustration when the city would not allow them to repair their existing driveway to its’ former glory.

We find it very frustrating at Northland Paving to try to explain to the residents of the eastern section of Toronto (Scarborough) why their properties cannot enjoy the same rights in terms of driveway size as other parts of the City.  Or why a new subdivision can build double width driveways on a 30 foot lot when they are not legally able to keep a double width driveway on their 60 foot lot if they have a single car garage.  In Scarborough the driveway must be the same size as the garage door.

The Planning and Growth Committee was unable to reach a decision with regards to the fate of the Earles’ driveway and that of the rest of the City east of Victoria Park.  They have referred the matter on to the Chief Planner and Executive Director of City Planning for a report on how the driveway widening policies differ throughout the City.  The Planning and Growth Committee will revisit the item on April 13, 2015.

Driveway Widening Policies for Large Lots in Scarborough – Committee Decision

Let’s hope the City will do right by its residents and allow  homeowners who have had an existing driveway for 10, 20 or 30 years the right to repair the surface to its original state.  Let’s hope Scarborough will be afforded the same rights and benefits as the rest of the City.

If you read this blog before April 13, 2015 please contact the Planning and Growth Management Committee or your City Councillor and let them know Scarborough residents seek equality.  Fair is fair.