Welcome to our new website!

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Spring has finally arrived!

Northland Paving is celebrating the new season with a brand new website and a brand new look.

Welcome to our first blog! While our look may be new rest assured we are the same trusted paving company with the same management team and the same talented professionals on our crews.

We will discuss in our blog what is important in the asphalt paving (both residential and commercial paving), concrete, interlocking stone and waterproofing industry.

Spring represents the birth of a new year.  And like we did with our new Northland Paving website, now is the time to spring clean, beautify, renew and de-clutter the inside of our homes and likewise head outside for some much needed fresh air.

After a long and unusually harsh winter we will begin our yard maintenance.  After cleaning up the defrosted remains of the old dead leaves and many branches of trees and shrubs that suffered under the “great ice storm” that blanketed the GTA last December, we finally see what remains.  Lots of ugly grey matter!

The hottest design trend for the backyard is to expand your living space.  It is no longer just a patio but an extension of where you want to be.  Now is the time to spruce up your yard and let Northland Paving create an outdoor living space that will invite you to spend quality time creating lasting memories in the great outdoors with people you love the most.  It’s time to broaden your living space by taking it outside to your own backyard oasis.

Northland Paving will help you create a beautiful new patio or walkway with Unilock interlocking stones and compliment the package with either an interlock or asphalt driveway allowing you to enjoy your time as your property value increases!



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